PINKEST CAMPUS in LAS VEGAS, SDMI supports REAL MEN WEAR PINK, CEO’s Against Cancer and The American Cancer Society. Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging is proud to be named the “Pinkest Campus”, awarded by the American Cancer Society for their participation in the “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign. Dr. David Steinberg, MD, FACR, FACNM joined 17 […]

JDRF Welcomes Dr. David Steinberg as One Walk Chair

  Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging centers is excited to announce our own, Dr. David Steinberg, as the JDRF 2016 One Walk Event Chair. Team SDMI is commited to supporting JDRF’s mission of creating a world without Type 1 Diabetes through raising donations for this years walk. Leading up to the October 22nd event each of the […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Has Serious Street Cred

Earlier this month, Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging Centers, Las Vegas, was selected as a finalist in a national PR contest for their highly popular #SaveALife campaign.  The attention-getting video, which featured The Chippendales, was designed to increase awareness around breast cancer prevention. Back in October of 2015, SDMI released the video encouraging women to do regular […]

What Does a Radiologist Do?

Working as a radiologist is a very interesting and satisfying field that allows its practitioners to provide diagnostic studies and radiation therapy for patients. Radiologist technicians perform invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures and studies and procedures and then report the results of those findings back to a medical physician. Radiology is a broad field that […]

How Nuclear Medicine Works

Nuclear medicine is known as a branch of noninvasive medical imaging that utilizes small amounts of radioactive material in order to diagnose and determine the severity of diseases, and how to treat them. These diseases include several types of cancers, endocrine, gastrointestinal, heart disease, neurological disorders and other bodily abnormalities. Nuclear medicine procedures are able […]

Placing Inferior Vena Cava Filters

The placing of inferior vena cava filter is a commonly performed outpatient procedure that is used on approximately 8 percent of patients that are hospitalized. In the procedure, a catheter or small tube is inserted below the skin, allowing patients to receive essential medication or nutrients directly into the bloodstream. In addition, blood can be […]

PET Scans Prevent Negative Symptoms in the Body

PET (Positron Emission Technology) scan machines are a vital device that diagnoses potential medical symptoms in the body. PET scans make use of CT (computed tomography) photography that takes three-dimensional, colorized photos of the structures within a patient’s body. Utilizing radiation for the procedure, PET scans are most commonly utilized for recognizing and figuring out […]

3D Mammography in Las Vegas

3D mammography has changed the landscape for women when it comes to getting mammograms. Since its FDA approval in the United States in 2011, 3D mammograms create a three-dimensional image of the breasts from multiple angles via X-ray. Unlike standard traditional mammograms, which requires the imaging machine to move around the breast, 3D mammograms (or […]

Mammograms Are A Great Early Detection Tool Against Breast Cancer

Mammograms are a fantastic early detection method that can help to save lives from the effects of breast cancer by being able to detect the symptoms as early as possible. Mammograms have helped women reduce the risk of breast cancer mortality by thirty-five percent in women over the age of 50, and a reduced rate […]