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Online Scheduling

How do I schedule?

Access your reports and schedule online:  CLICK HERE to LOG IN.

Online Scheduling is Easy! Once your doctor sends us an order we will send you a text message or email with a link to schedule online. Wondering if we received the order yet or think you may have missed the text or email from us, click here to create an online scheduling account and see if we have received your doctors order.

I enrolled in online scheduling but it's saying No Orders Found?

If you received this message we likely have not received the order from your doctor yet, it is also possible your doctor may have ordered an exam that is not eligible for online scheduling.

I didn't get a text to schedule, what do I do?

Click Schedule Online at the top of the page to create an online scheduling account and see if we have received your doctors order. It is also possible we don't have your cell phone number on file, you can call us to confirm at 702.732.6000, or your doctor may have ordered an exam that is not eligible for online scheduling, any of our scheduling specialists can help.

Can I schedule any exam online?

Most exams can be scheduled online, including X-Ray. Complex exams will still need to be scheduled via phone as these require extra care. Complex Exams include but are not limited to: PET Scans, Biopsies, Special Procedures.

Watch to see how simple it is to schedule online!

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Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging first in Southern Nevada to offer Online Scheduling for Radiology

Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI) continues its trend as a technology leader, implementing online scheduling. Not only do they consistently install state of the art equipment in their facilities they continually increase the technology solutions available for patients. The first in Southern Nevada to offer this scheduling solution came after truly listening to patient feedback. Common requests included: the ability to schedule X-Ray’s (previously performed on a walk-in basis), to bypass traditional scheduling which could lead to hold times, and text message alerts that your order is ready to be scheduled. “The results have been incredible, patients have quickly taken to the online option, and we see the number of appointments scheduled online increase daily.” Rachel Papka, CHIO (Chief Health Informatics Officer)

The online alternative is initiated once SDMI receives a referral and that triggers a text or email with an invitation to schedule. Following the on screen instructions is easy; set up an account & verify your identity, select the test you want to schedule, pick a day and time and answer a few questions. To learn more about the process watch the video above.

Patients should note that not all exams can be scheduled online. Complex exams such as PET Scans and Biopsies still need to be scheduled with a scheduling specialist to ensure extra care is given. Most other exams such as; Mammograms, Ultrasounds, MRI’s, CT’s and yes, X-Ray’s can all be scheduled online.

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