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Welcome SDMI vendors!

Here at SDMI, we believe that good communication is necessary to ensure successful installation, updates or upgrades of modalities, therefore it is now required by SDMI to provide the appropriate forms. These forms will help us to make the necessary arrangements for the installation as well as prepare for any issues that might come to rise thereafter.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Joshua Staples at (702) 515-8451.

Please use the forms below:

For New Modalities:

Complete the New Modality Request form and attach any important document (ex: DICOM conformancy statement and site planning documentations.

To Update / Upgrade Modalities:

Download and complete Modality Upgrade Questionnaire.



For PACS Information:
Joshua Staples
PACS Administrator
Office: (702) 515-8451
Cell: (702) 374-9908
Fax: (702) 515-8493
For PACS Information:
Pete Viedas
PACS Application Specialist
Office: (702) 515-8435
Cell: (702) 569-2328
Fax: (702) 630-7386
For network information:
Ken Demers
Sr. Network Administrator
Office: (702) 515-8471
Cell: (702) 301-5037
For Technologists Training:
Lona VanBoven
Technical Director
Office: (702) 240-1209
Cell: (702) 528-5033
Fax: (702) 732-6085
For Facilities information:
Gus Gusmerotti
Maintenance Project Manager
Cell: (702) 630-4029