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Join us in welcoming the newest Radiologists at Steinberg Diagnostic Medical Imaging (SDMI); Dr. Samuel Nyon, Abdominal Imaging and Ultrasound. Dr. Anit Rastogi, Musculoskeletal. Dr. Victor Fong, Breast Imaging. All three Radiologists have traveled around the United States for school giving each of them a diverse and unique outlook on radiology. We sat down with Dr’s. Nyon, Rastogi, and Fong to find out a little more about their background, what they hope to bring to the Las Vegas valley, and why they joined the SDMI family.


Nyon: As a medical student, it became obvious right away that radiologists have a significant clinical impact on every other specialty. Combining my love for anatomy, great mentoring and the ability to impact a patient’s history through a single radiology study, I knew radiology was the right choice for me.

Rastogi: I enjoy the key role radiology plays in every medical specialty for both diagnosis and treatment. I also appreciate the constant evolution of imaging and technology in radiology that helps achieve better outcomes for patients.

Fong: I chose diagnostic radiology because medical imaging plays such a pivotal role in modern healthcare. It can completely change the picture of what’s going on with a patient and guide the appropriate next step.


Nyon: It was a difficult decision to make, but I had narrowed my choices down to about 3 sub-specialties. Due to the emerging need for specialized body radiologists in almost every practice and the ability to specialize even further as a body radiologist, I felt abdominal imaging fit my thirst for knowledge and the best chance for me to land where I wanted to be.

Rastogi: Throughout radiology training, I always found musculoskeletal pathology and treatment to be fascinating. Also, I am an avid sports fan who has always had a strong interest in musculoskeletal anatomy/physiology as well as mechanisms of injury.

Fong: Breast imaging combined the skills of diagnostic imaging interpretation and minimally invasive procedures, all in an outpatient clinic setting. I feel like I have an impact, whether it is detecting breast cancer or reassuring a patient of benign findings. It also helped that I had great teachers during my residency and later on in fellowship.


Nyon: When I came to SDMI for my interview, all the radiologists and other staff I met were all exceptionally welcoming and went out of their way to make me feel wanted. Everyone I met had no connection to Las Vegas prior to moving but they all took the leap and have never regretted it.

Rastogi: The family and team-oriented environment of the group appealed to me as well as the compassionate care provided by the group.

Fong: I did my internal medicine internship in Las Vegas and wanted to return in a different capacity after finishing all my post-graduate medical training. SDMI with its many locations throughout the region serves a big part of the community and has a consistent mission to provide quality care.


Nyon: I hope with my expertise in body imaging that I can make SDMI and Las Vegas a center of excellence that will assure patients they are receiving the best possible healthcare available. I will continue to keep up with current literature to learn the newest techniques and best recommendations to provide accurate diagnoses that will help patients and clinicians alike. Most of all, I will continue treating each study I’m reading as if they were one of my own family.

Rastogi: As a new radiologist, I want to help the Las Vegas healthcare community continue to grow, as this is and will be my future home. I hope to positively impact the community by using my specialized training in musculoskeletal imaging from a major orthopedic oncology center, to provide exceptional care for the patients of Las Vegas.

Fong: I trained on both coasts which gave me experiences working with different healthcare systems and specialists. So I bring my own perspective and skill set to Las Vegas and hope to make a difference in the healthcare delivery system.


Nyon: I enjoy using all the knowledge I’ve learned through radiology residency and fellowship as well as in medical school to help clinicians solve all their “mystery” cases so that patients will be able to successfully have their diseases treated properly.

Rastogi: My favorite part is having the ability to make a difference in people’s lives when navigating through the unknown of disease or injury.

Fong: My favorite part about being a doctor is making the diagnosis and knowing I made a difference in someone’s care.