Pediatric Imaging

SDMI loves kids and we are committed to taking the best care of your littles. This section of our website is dedicated to helping Mom & Dad explain to their child what they can expect when they visit SDMI. To start, SDMI proudly offers Hero Capes for all modalities, your kiddo gets to become a SuperHero or Princess when they visit us, we have these special gowns in sizes to fit most kids from 2 years old to 10 years old.


Dr. Ho Nguyen

Dr. Nguyen, or “Dr. Ho” as we call him is our resident Pediatric Radiologist. He is dedicated to the kids of our community and is passionate about his chosen specialty; “I chose Pediatric Radiology as a specialty because of the unique opportunity to build a relationship with the patient and their families.”

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frequently asked questions

Do you have locations that specialize in pediatrics?

All of our locations offer most exams however some complex exams are done at only our  Tenaya or  Maryland Parkway Locations only. These two locations specialize in pediatric care and have nurses on site at all times.

Can my child be sedated?

Yes, but we do have some guidelines. For pediatric patients SDMI offers oral Valium sedation. Children must weigh a minimum of 50 pounds and be over 5 years old to be sedated. Children between the ages of 5-12 needing sedation must be scheduled at our Maryland Parkway or Tenaya facilities where there is a nurse on duty. Children over 13 can be scheduled at any location. Any child under 18 with medical or developmental issues requiring Valium sedation will first need to be assessed by a Radiologist. Any child exhibiting respiratory compromise or illness can not be sedated.