A PET Scan is for humans not for pets, we know it’s a funny name. With this scan we are going to look at how your cells are working, this machine can actually tell us how cells are working before they even start to look different.

This test kind of takes a long time but we are excited to hang out with you for a few hours. First your technologist will place an IV and then give you a tracer. The tracer is a little slow and doesn’t like to be rushed so you will need to hang out in our special waiting room and be very quiet and very still so you don’t scare the tracer in the wrong direction. Have mom or dad bring your favorite bed time story so they can read it to you.

After the tracer has a chance to make its way through your body you will move to the machine where you lie on a table very still and have some pictures taken.

This section of our website is dedicated to helping Mom & Dad explain to their child what they can expect when they visit SDMI.